About us

Join Kerry Foods – a leading name in the global food industry – and you become part of a distinctly different business. We have a rich heritage. Incredible brands. Brilliant people. And big ambitions. Our products, many of which are household favourites, are eaten by millions of people every day. You could help us reach millions more.


We’re proud of our heritage.

But it’s the future we’re really excited about. There are new markets out there, and new customer and consumer wants to be met. There are so many opportunities ahead for us. Come and help us take them.


Put simply, we do food. But that’s just part of the story. We innovate. We lead markets. And we make some of the most-loved brands out there.

We’re a leading supplier of chilled and frozen food products in the UK and Ireland, and part of the world-leading Kerry Group. Focusing on dairy, meat, and meal solutions, we’re home to many of our markets’ best-performing and best-loved brands. You’ll find our private-label products and ready meals in pretty much every supermarket in the country. And we have a presence in the home baking and hot-food-to-go markets too.

We make our products in manufacturing facilities throughout Ireland and the UK, and distribute them nationwide and beyond. Along with the food, we supply quality, value and service to our customers.

Behind all of this, you’ll find tireless product innovation. Consumer tastes continue to change, and we respond with creative, competitive ideas that keep them delighted – and keep us growing. New ideas are our lifeblood. This is why we welcome them from everyone here.

Our Business

We don’t lead the way in just one category.
We lead the way in three.

Our brands and business are built around three core food divisions.
They’re the areas we focus on, and they’re where many of our big
ideas take shape. But they’re not all we do. We’re also home to the
iconic, 100% British Homepride flour brand, having acquired the
business (and the bowler-hatted Fred) back in 1998. And we’ve
recently added the Rollover business to the fold, which builds our
presence in the competitive hot-food-on-the-go market.


This is where you’ll find our breakfast, cooked meats and chilled savoury snacks. It’s home to household favourites such as Mattessons, Denny, Richmond, Galtee and Walls.


This one’s all about cheese, yoghurt and dairy spreads. It’s home to brands such as LowLow, Cheestrings, Dairygold, Pure and Charleville Cheese.


This division includes chilled and frozen ready meals, and ready-to-cook meals, and it provides private-label products to almost all the big supermarkets. It’s home to brands like Pure, City Kitchen and Sharwoods.

Our brands, customers and consumers.

Big brands, big names, and big numbers. They’re all here.

See any names you recognise? You probably do, because our products can be found in kitchens, supermarkets, petrol stations, corner shops and entertainment venues the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. We’re starting to become part of life in Europe too.

Here are a just a few of our amazing brands. We have plenty of others, and we’re always looking to expand the family even more.


We’re proud to be number one in everything from sausages and cooked meats to dairy
spreads and children’s cheese snacks. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Sausage Brands

    No. 1 (and 2)

    sausage brands
    in the UK

  • Cooked meat brands

    No. 1 (and 2)

    cooked meat brands
    in Ireland

  • Cooked meat brands

    No. 1

    spreads brand
    in Ireland

  • Children’s cheese snack

    No. 1

    children’s cheese snack
    in the UK

  • Customer brand supplier of chilled and frozen ready meals

    No. 1

    customer brand supplier of chilled
    and frozen ready meals.


Almost every leading supermarket, and quite a few restaurant
chains too, trust us to supply private label products. In fact, no
one supplies more private label dairy spreads or processed
cheese slices in the UK than we do. We’re also the leading supplier
of chilled and frozen ready meals. Our customers rely on us for
high standards and faultless delivery. And we make sure we never
let them down.


Millions of people have grown up with our brands. Tens of millions eat our food every day. We’re behind everything from family favourite sausages and authentic curries to healthy vegetable pots and dairy-free spreads. So it’s fair to say that our consumers are a large and diverse bunch. And we’re committed to coming up with new ways to tempt them, and reach new people.

  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Ocado
  • Sainsbury's
  • The Co-Operative
  • Lidl
  • Asda
  • Iceland
  • Nando's
  • Waitrose
  • Dunnes Stores
  • Greene King
  • M&S
  • Aldi
  • Carrefour

Meet our team

The thing that makes us such an altogether individual company is the individuals themselves – the amazing people who work for us, and the stories they have to tell. You can meet just a few of them here. And, our leaders are no different to anyone else here. They share the same values, and they have the same aims.


























James O’Connor

Managing Director – Consumer Brands Ireland

Brought up on a farm, and a student of Food Science, James was destined to have a career in our industry. He joined us straight from university, and began a journey that has taken him across several sites across the UK and Ireland. Today, he heads up our retail business in Ireland.

James feels privileged to have met so many of the Kerry Foods family on his career path so far, and he remains focused on shaping our capability and culture in the future. Ownership is the value that has helped him the most in his time here, and every day he seeks to find simple answers to complex questions.

One other thing: although his career has taken him far and wide, he doesn’t have to travel far for his favourite dining experience – a family trip to his local Italian.


Duncan Everett

CEO Kerry Foods

Duncan left university with plans of becoming an economist, but quickly realised that he was more interested in making a difference and an impact. So he joined our grad programme, and started doing so right away. He worked across five sites in six years, going from grad to manager to Finance Director to his role today as CEO.

He’s proud to be part of Kerry Foods, and really loves what he does. In fact, that’s his top piece of career advice: figure out and stick to what you love, and stop doing what you don’t. His career journey with us is evidence that it’s an approach that works.

One more thing: he’s as enthusiastic about classic cars as he is about his work – particularly British ones from the 50s and 60s.


Emma Rose

HR Director

Our head people person, Emma is driven by a belief that companies are enriched by those who work for them. It’s her view that if you have brilliant people, you’ll be a brilliant business. So she makes it her business to make us a place where talent can thrive, and everyone enjoys an extraordinary employee experience.

In particular, Emma’s inspired by people who feel pride, ownership and kinship with the business they work for. It’s something she sees a lot of here, and something she feels strongly herself. In fact, it’s there in how her entire HR team works.

One more thing: Emma’s (other) dream job is a pilot. But we’re glad she decided to focus on taking us to new heights instead.


Nick Robinson

Chief Marketing Officer

Nick has recently joined us, and brings with him a wealth of FMCG marketing experience. He’s marketed big brands in the UK and across Europe, and he’s experienced the sales side of things too. This means that he knows how to look at marketing from the point of view of our customers.

He came on board because he could see the potential here. There are plenty of opportunities ahead for Nick and his team. And he’s excited about setting commercially focused strategies that will take all our brands forward.

One more thing: in his ideal world, Nick would be pulling the strings in Manchester United’s midfield.


Liam Burke

Managing Director – Meal Solutions

Hailing from County Kerry, Liam grew up with our business as part of his community. He saw first-hand the impact we were having, and was inspired to join as a graduate. He’s been with us for 30 years now, in a career that has taken him all around the UK and Ireland.

After three decades in the business, Liam remains enthused by the commercial challenge and the fact that things keep on changing. But what inspires him the most is when we’re at our best – aligning our teams and all demonstrating our values as one.

One more thing: the best career advice he ever received was to ‘be yourself, be authentic, and be honest’. It’s served him well.


Will Cadbury

Chief Financial Officer

Will is a great example of what can happen when you take the opportunities on offer here. He joined us a graduate and, several roles and locations later, is now a key part of our leadership team – developing strategies, leading cross-functional teams and partnering with stakeholders.

He loves the pace of our industry, because it keeps things interesting and challenging. But he’s also a big believer in taking a moment away from the rush, to catch up with people and share ideas. And he feels a huge amount of pride in the business – in our people, and in the work we do.

One more thing: his idea of a great meal is al fresco dining, surrounded by family and friends


Thomas Shortall

ICT Director

Thomas’s ICT career has taken him around the world, and he draws on all that experience to support and transform our business. He’s led improvements to vital things like master data management and system integration, and he’s changed the way we manage projects and programmes.

He loves working with computers to solve complex issues. And while he understands better than most what an impact ICT can make, he knows that real progress is delivered through people. This is why he always tries to keep them at the heart of everything he does.

One more thing: he loves food every bit as much as he loves technology, and his dream meal features courses from three continents.


David Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer

David became passionate about food at a young age – mainly inspired by his mum, who helped run an exclusive deli. He set out on a career in high-end professional kitchens, before taking the then-unthinkable move into manufacturing with us. We were the only manufacturer to employ chefs back then, so it was a bold move. It definitely paid off.

David made the move because he wanted to sell bigger ideas to wider audiences. He and his team of chefs, scientists and designers have been behind some of our biggest and most successful innovations. And the real key to his team’s success is that they’re open to ideas from anyone in the business.

One more thing: he’s been all around the world in search of great food, but says there’s nothing better than sitting in the Piazza del Campo in Siena eating a freshly-made potato gnocchi with butter and sage.


Catherine Neilson

Director of Strategy

Catherine has set her own direction since joining us as a graduate. Today, she does it for the whole business. She’s passionate about driving growth and working with everyone here to unlock our full potential.

In her time here, Catherine has enjoyed highlights ranging from launching our Denny Deli-style range to co-creating the Kerry Foods growth strategy. As you can tell from her BSc in Marketing Management and her Masters in Art, she loves to learn, and she’s excited about learning more as she continues to shape the future of our business.

 One more thing: her favourite dining experience is a big family brunch – with Denny sausages, of course.


Ado Carton

Managing Director, International and Dairy

Ado loves a challenge. He joined our graduate programme, with big plans of gaining management experience as early as possible. This drive saw him progress through a host of roles before taking the step up into senior leadership.

His mantra is ‘feel the fear, and do it anyway’, and his journey with us proves that what can happen when you do. He’s worked in GB, Irish and International businesses, in a number of roles and right across our entire product range. These days, he’s leading us into new territories and markets overseas.

One more thing: he’d rather the people around him ask for forgiveness rather than permission, because it shows that they’re really taking ownership.


Bob Carnell

Managing Director, Consumer Brands UK

Bob joined us back in 1995, and has developed through a range of commercial and general management roles. In his current role, he looks after Go To Market across our three categories – engaging with key customers and developing our multi-channel approach.

One of his Kerry Foods highlights was managing our Noon business, where he worked with, and learned from, Lord Noon himself. Development remains important to Bob, and he takes a keen interest in growing talent within the business. And, even after all this time with us, he remains energised by the sheer pace and ever-changing nature of our industry.

One more thing: when he’s not keeping a close eye on our categories and markets, he’s a rugby referee.


Chris Teegan

Operations Development Director

Chris’ Kerry Foods story is all about movement. When he first read about us back in 1984, he decided that he wanted to become part of our adventure. So he joined our graduate programme, and he hasn’t stood still since.

His career here has seen him move to the UK and progress through a whole number of roles. Today, he focuses on making sure we have truly world-class operating models in place for manufacturing and supply chain. In other words, he keeps everything moving. And he’s every bit as excited about the future (and food) as we are, so who knows where his career here will take him next.

One more thing: he loves hearing people talking about our foods, and always takes great pride in saying ‘We make that’.

  • James O’Connor
    Managing Director – Consumer Brands Ireland

  • Duncan Everett
    CEO Kerry Foods

  • Emma Rose
    HR Director

  • Nick Robinson
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Liam Burke
    Managing Director – Meal Solutions

  • Will Cadbury
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Thomas Shortall
    ICT Director

  • David Hamilton
    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Catherine Neilson
    Director of Strategy

  • Ado Carton
    Managing Director, International and Dairy

  • Bob Carnell
    Managing Director, Consumer Brands UK

  • Chris Teegan
    Operations Development Director

  • Annette
    Business Manager

  • Elizabeth
    Operations Graduate - Class of 2016

  • Emily
    HR Manager

  • Erwan
    Senior Brand Manager

  • Kelly
    Category Controller

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  • Mark
    Business Development Manager

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  • Natasha
    Trade Marketing Controller

  • Niall
    General Manager

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  • Renars
    Lean Co-ordinator

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  • Shayne
    Logistics Optimisation Manager

  • Sumit
    Head of Production Development

  • Alastair
    Senior Brand Manager